Coach's Corner



The Shiloh Football philosophy is to provide the student/Athlete an opportunity to gain a valuable education through the sport of Football that will be carried on throughout the life of our student athletes. The education provided will include commitment and loyalty, dedication and desire, work ethic, responsibility, and pride to the program and the individual that will grow a passion from within for success in life. These positive life traits will be taught through the competition of football at Shiloh High School. The most effective people are the self-motivated. It is my aim to build a desire for self-motivation in the athlete by starting with the athlete’s goals and working with him towards team objectives. My philosophy lies in building self-confidence in our players to be the very best leader and contributor they can be for the betterment of the team. We will concentrate on the capabilities we possess and judge success or failure on our effort and execution. We will play an exciting brand of football emphasizing fundamentals through our pressure team defense and our wide open offense. We will strive to inspire excitement in our fans with great EFFORT and intelligence while building a tradition of competitive Football excellence through all levels at the high school and the feeder program. My goal is to include all of you in that vision and stir that emotional connection you once felt for the program that has made such a positive impact in all our lives. Shiloh High school Football is ready to step that next step. I encourage you all to get involved with returning our program to excellence and I look forward to seeing you all this coming season.


"Win the Day"

Coach Hobbs