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The Shiloh Touchdown Club is tasked with supporting the needs of the football team.  We are a non-profit organization that is recognized as a 501c(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.  Our board members are volunteers and do not receive financial compensation.  Because we are a charitable organization, donations that you make to us are tax-deductible.  We appreciate your generosity.

Shiloh Football - Coach Hobbs

On Monday, Coach Hobbs tendered his resignation as the Head Football
Coach at Shiloh High School, citing personal and family reasons for
this decision. Although we are very disappointed and are going to miss
his leadership and presence at Shiloh, we understand and support him
and wish him and his family the very best moving forward. He will
always be a General and, in keeping with that, Coach has asked that we
distribute the attached communication from him to the Shiloh football

The TDC will continue to function as normal, supporting the players,
coaches and program, and preparing for the 2015 season. Winter
workouts are continuing as scheduled with no changes in the calendar.
Mr. Cammack, the AD, and Dr Parker, the Principal, will be in charge
of hiring Coach Hobbs' replacement and the TDC Board will offer our
support in every way possible with the primary focus being to continue
to present Shiloh football in a very positive manner.

For Shiloh football to continue progressing and becoming the elite
program we all want it to be we must come together now more than ever.
Coach Hobbs has done great things for us and we owe him a huge debt of
gratitude but the greatest accomplishments are still there for this
program and, if we stay steady, we will get there.

GO GENERALS! We must remain ALL IN!